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Graduate School of Music – Doctoral Course

Educational and Research Objectives

The objectives of this course are to develop musicians and researchers who can play leading roles internationally in their chosen fields.

Research Fields

Composition and Conducting

Students are expected to acquire either advanced composition or advanced conducting techniques by composing works or by conducting, and studying theory. In order to achieve this, students have to do practical and theoretical research in both areas, because these areas are closely related to each other. They also have to study deeply the historical, social and cultural aspects of music in order to create new music. Students of composition will compose musical works and do research on the theory of composition and music pieces, and will create a new piece of music. Students of the conducting will study the role of conductors in the arts from a broader point of view. The course also aims to develop researchers with an advanced ability for the improvement of conducting techniques and for the further development of conducting education.


The aim of the course is to train individuals with advanced performance techniques through practical and theoretical professional study. All students are encouraged to develop insights into the historical, social, and cultural aspects of music in order to create a new performance style.


The objective of this course, through practical and theoretical study, is to develop individuals with advanced singing techniques. They will also study historical, social and cultural aspects of music in order to create new singing styles.


Students are expected to achieve an advanced stage in their research on musicology. For this purpose, they carry out theoretical research on musical aesthetics, music history, sociology of music, psychology of music, musical acoustics and ethnomusicology. Students are also expected to be involved in interdisciplinary research in an effort to expand the field of musicology. The practicum provides students with opportunities to discuss professional issues with the faculty, in order to make progress in their research. Students have to report the results of their research at academic conferences. They are asked to write papers to contribute to academic journals. Eventually their professional research will be put together in the form of a doctoral thesis.