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  • Title:Lecturer
  • Major:Musicology
  • Expertise:Electronic Music, Historical musicology, Culture and Representation


You Nakai conducts research on experimental/electronic music, fake music history, post-dance, history of tablatures, the occult mechanism of influence, and other curiosities, and reports his findings in the form of academic papers and books. He has recently spent considerable time studying the music of David Tudor, for which he obtained a PhD from New York University in 2016, and is now writing a book called “Reminded by the Instruments: David Tudor’s Music” under contract with Oxford University Press (to be published in 2019). You Nakai also creates music(ians), dance(rs), theatrics, picture books, ghost houses, ad-hoc theories, and other forms of work as part of No Collective (, which was featured in Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press) as one of the artists under 40 doing interesting things with technology today, and the experimental publishing project Already Not Yet (, which still has no accolade to call its own.