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  • Title:Professor
  • Major:Musicology
  • Expertise:Ethnomusicology, Acoustic Anthropology

Prof. Yoichi Yamada (Ph.D.) teaches ethnomusicology and musical anthropology in the Department of Music. His main area of research has been Melanesia (especially Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia), and he has recently shown much interest in Swing Manouche and vocal polyphony in southeast Europe, proposing a theory of the “acoustic body.” His English publications include Songs of Spirits: An Ethnography of Sounds in a Papua New Guinea Society (Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies), 1997, “Voices in Dreams: Sound Perception of the Waxei People in the East Sepik Hills,” Occasional Papers in Pacific Ethnomusicology (University of Auckland) 4: 93-109, 1995, and “Acoustic Body: Voice Resounding through the Waxei People, Papua New Guinea,” Oceania Monograph (University of Sydney) 52: 103-112, 2001.